Available on Mac & Windows

  • Blending Modes

    The most powerful image tool to be added to the FotoFusion family in a long time, blending modes allow you to enhance your images in unique and beautiful ways.

    Image blending modes can be applied to a single photo or “mixed in” with the canvas using background modes to create stunning overlaid results. Effect presets transform images in one-click, while advanced settings allow you to adjust blending options and create your own recipes. The possibilities are endless!

  • Unsharp Mask

    In addition to blending modes, FotoFusion 5.4 also adds Unsharp Mask to our expanding collection of image editing tools.

    At a basic level this tool helps enhance the apparent sharpness of an image, but can also be used to “defog” images by adding micro contrast to them. A great tool to use along side blending modes.

  • Rounded Corners

    FotoFusion v5.3 introduces image frame borders with support for shapes like diamonds, circles and ovals.

    You can control the amount of curvature for round frames or cutaway for angled corners. All the border functionality (colors, width, opacity, etc.) you expect works with these new border styles.

  • FotoFusion Web Albums

    Web Albums

    Make a project…click one button…and Bam! Your project shows up as a digital album on an iPad – or an iPhone – or an android device – or in a PC or Mac web browser. Click here to see an example.

    Flip from page to page like a book, jump to any page, or share it by email, Facebook or Twitter – the album will be available for 30 days from when you published it. Share your family vacation with friends – send a proof to the bride – present your portfolio to customers. V5 users can publish as many online web albums as they like, at no charge. Enjoy!

  • Mac Support

    We heard many times: “FotoFusion is the only reason I still use a PC”. We listened, and FotoFusion is now ready on the Mac.

    V5 on the Mac has feature parity with V5 on the PC. That means that we didn’t strip features out of the PC version when we created the Mac version – a common shortcut to getting Mac versions out faster. The Mac version has evolved since first release and is now as fast as the PC version on comparable hardware – in some cases, it’s faster.

  • Insanely Powerful Text

    FotoFusion now includes killer text layout features. We’ve completely rebuilt the text engine and it’s now a serious beast.

    In-canvas “WYSIWYG” editing, per-character text attributes (font, color, rotation, skew, offset, pair kerning, effects including embossing) and per-paragraph effects (text in a shape, right-to-left (Hebrew/Arabic/Mandarin).

  • Vector PDF export

    When you render to PSD you get layers. When you render to PDF you get multiple pages, and now in v5, you also get vector text output. This means that text looks great at any resolution – even very fine text is rendered with as much precision as you can imagine.

  • Improved User Interface

    FotoFusion is prettier, and will continue to improve as v5 matures. When you start v5, you’ll notice that the v4 wheel has been replaced with a wizard-like UI that streamlines the process of matching a form factor to your choice of templates. Use the full power of FotoFusion’s retargetable templates: design a wedding album for a Graphistudio® book, then do a bride’s version using Blurb®.

  • Layout Flipping

    Ever wanted to flip a layout left/right? We have two modes: with and without flipping the pictures. One click. Oh thank goodness.

  • Project Versioning

    Go back in time and load earlier versions of projects, listed out by date and time.

    Lose power or shut down unexpectedly? FotoFusion now includes auto save and crash restore. Never worry about losing a single edit.

  • Rock Solid Performance

    The FotoFusion engine was used as the basis for YearbookFusion, LumaPix’s software for building yearbooks. It has been a runaway success. Two years of heavy bashing by schools taught us a lot about getting maximum performance out of machines with limited resources. Now, all the performance and stabilization enhancements from that work is available in the core FotoFusion product.

    And it shows – you’ll find FotoFusion v5 significantly faster, stabler, and more cleanly installed than v4.

  • Free v5 upgrades

    Upgrade to v5 today and watch as our updates continue. Just as we did with v4.1, 4.2, 4.3 etc – “dot” releases will be free. You’ll have free upgrades to the great new features that will be dropped into the product as V5 continues to improve over the months and years ahead.

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Designs made in FotoFusion Extreme v5. Download a free trial. Wedding photos provided by Richard Esposito.

Komputer Swiat
Komputer Swiat
"Create photo collages and photo albums using a powerful yet easy-to-use user interface." Komputer Swiat Editor's Choice Award. Full review
R Karthik Photography
R Karthik Photography
"If you run a studio, then this is one investment worth making." "You can make an album with one dimension and edit it to another size. The big ones for the couples, the smaller size ones for the family or a flip book they can carry around everywhere. You don't have to redesign the album every single time - just resize the page, export and it's done." Full review
Shutterbug Magazine
Shutterbug Magazine
"I love making collages and FotoFusion's AutoCollage function produces a unique arrangement from your photographs in a single click. Click again and see a completely different arrangement. Results can be tuned with interactive controls for cropping, sizing and rotation." Featured in Shutterbug Magazine. October 2012, Digital Innovations.
Top Ten Reviews
Top Ten Reviews
"FotoFusion offers a variety of high-quality tools and features that make for an exceptionally versatile program that delivers outstanding results." "When it comes to creating memorable digital scrapbooks, FotoFusion stands head-and-shoulders above its competitors in digital scrapbooking software. With user-friendly tools and impressive, professional-grade features, creating digital scrapbooks is as fast as it is rewarding. With each new version or update, the program continues to improve and grow." Full Review
Digital Home Thoughts
Digital Home Thoughts
"Insanely powerful software. I can't stress enough what a powerful tool FotoFusion is for creating photo books that are unique and special. "If all you want to do is have a book full of photos, the software from any of the companies in this review will do the job. But if you want to combine photos, text, and scanned objects into a single, creative layout, you'll want FotoFusion." - Jason Dunn, Digital Home Thoughts. Full Review
Camera Dojo
Camera Dojo
"Bar none, FotoFusion is the most advanced, fastest and light weight album design on the planet." "If you do a lot of album design work, do yourself a favor and take this program out for a test drive." Full Review
SLR Lounge
SLR Lounge
FotoFusion is a "Game-changing addition to our album design workflow" "Every once in a while, we stumble upon a software or service that not only simplifies the workflow within our wedding photography studio, but also improves our overall service and product." Full Review
DigitalPHOTO Magazine
DigitalPHOTO Magazine
"Editor Dimitrij Kohlmann likes FotoFusion’s professional approach; he found it easy to use, and a very well executed piece of software. In particular he highlights the workflow, multiple creative functions and flexible output.
"I strongly recommend FotoFusion for any photographer who is serious about offering any sort of design products..." "This isn’t really a review so much as it’s a giant, stinky, slobbery dog-kiss on the people who make this program. I can’t believe I waited so long to buy it..." Full Review
"Everyone who I have spoken with regarding this software finds it simply unbelievable." "If you’re looking for a great solution to produce your own yearbooks & need software to do so, take a look at Yearbook Fusion by LumaPix." Full Review
Graphics Unleashed
Graphics Unleashed
"I saw the product in action at a trade show and was truly amazed by some of the things that it did... The best way I can describe it is that it incorporates some of the best features from a variety of product types and does something that I've not seen done by any other product... This program is blindingly fast!" Full Review
Gear Diary
Gear Diary
"The interface and layout in FotoFusion is simply fantastic. I was incredibly impressed by how easy this program was to use." Full Review
The Age
The Age
"We tried it and loved it." Full Review
Geeks To Go
Geeks To Go
"The interface for FotoFusion is pure genius. This is where this program goes from “nifty” to “holy cow, man!” Adding pictures to your collage is a simple click and drag operation. Resizing the image, adding a border, changing border style, rotating images, shading, redeye removal (and then some) are all right at your fingertips. Not only are these things very easy to find, they are placed in a way that just makes sense." Full Review
Scrap Jazz
Scrap Jazz
"LumaPix's FotoFusion software allows users to have the best of both worlds, blending traditional scrapbooking materials with digital techniques". Full Review
PC - Review Online
PC - Review Online
"Truly one of the most intuitive interfaces around." Full Review
FotoFusion PRO v3.1 was awarded the prestigious "Hot-1" Award by the Professional Photographer Associationat the National event in Las Vegas.
PC Pro
PC Pro
"Simplicity Itself". "RECOMMENDED - A fast, fun and creative approach to photo printing - with high quality results." Full Review
Shutter Bug
Shutter Bug
"Every now and then I find a diamond among the lumps of coal and LumaPix's FotoFusion is one of those gems". Full Review
"A viable alternative to printing software costing at least five times as much... Provide new products for your clients and new ways of working with them, as well as cutting down the time spent on repetitive work". Full Review
Digital Photography
Digital Photography
"If you want a little spark to your photo output, this is the program to do it with". 91%, 'Best Value' Award.
"You'd be hard-pressed to find a better program for sharing your photos" Full Review
Cool Tool Awards
Cool Tool Awards
"One of the most fun cool tools to cross our path in some time"
"90.2%... innovative... intuitive... a recommended buy!"

FotoFusion – Compare Versions

FotoFusion for home & professional use comes in two versions: Enhanced & Extreme.

Hover your mouse over a feature to learn more.

FotoFusion Enhanced FotoFusion Extreme
Software Upgrades
Free Minor Upgrades
Using Your Own ISP
Unlimited E-mail Size
Per-character in-canvas text editing
Vector Text Output to PDF
Standard EXIF Info
Ligature Control
Direct Folder Access
Buckets 9 9
Content Creation
Free Graphic Content
Red Eye Removal
Matte Cutter
Sharing and Publishing
Web Albums
Web Publishing
Custom HTML Styles
Exporting to Standard File Formats
PSD and PDF Export
ICC Profile Tagging
Max Export Size 3900 x 5700 Unlimited
Custom Watermarks
Banners Customizable Customizable
Layout Flipping
Bleed/Safe Lines
Web Content
Color Management Tool (BETA)
Business Enablers
Overlay Image Info
Commercial Use
Home Printing
Max Single Sheet 13″ x 19″ @ 300 DPI Unlimited
Unlimited Resolution
Segmented Printing
Multi-page Projects
Adding New Pages
Batch Exporting
Project Management
Project Versioning
Crash Restore
New Licenses Enhanced – US $119.95 Extreme – US $299.95
Purchase Link: Buy Now Buy Now

Still not sure what to pick?

    • For scrapbookers and photography enthusiasts
    • Create senior portraits, family trees, contact sheets and collages.
    • Projects limited to single sheets. No multi-page support
    • Output limited to 13″ x “19″ @ 300 DPI.
    • For pro photographers and studios.
    • Create for professional multi-page photo albums.
    • Unlimited multi-page albums.
    • Unlimited output resolution. PSD/PDF output support, including vector PDF fonts.